What Was I Thinking?

It’s been a week of sad goodbye’s, hello again’s and final fairwell’s. After eighteen months of planning, preparing, holding on and waiting, the day arrived and I still didn’t feel fully prepared.  Being under prepared and ready to go will always throw up a few interesting situations. Saturday started with a hearty Baillie breakfast at […]

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Waiting at the Station

After five and a half years service, Friday 26th of July, was my final day at Primaflow.  My career in the couple of years preceding could, at best, be described as turbulent, they took a risk in offering me employment and I will always be very grateful that they did.  Primaflow provided me with stability […]

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How to Finance a World Bicycle Tour and Living Like a Stoic

How do you finance a world bicycle tour?  Is probably the question that a lot of people would like to ask but don’t always feel comfortable asking directly.  I wanted to address the topic because answering this question was certainly high on my agenda when researching the trip. One of the reasons for choosing a […]

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Welcome to CycleHacker: Why I Want to Be at the Top of Your Reading List

At last, the first post, somewhat later than intended it almost didn’t happen at all… I originally planned to launch this blog 1st of January 2013, then 1st of February, then I started to loose confidence in the whole idea of cycling around the world altogether. The process of trying to put my ideas and […]

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