Searching For Falling Apples

There is something quite satisfying about finding a ripe juicy apple, which just a few moments ago was released, fully nourished, from the mother tree. Earlier this week, I was fortunate enough to find an apple tree shedding fresh apples, which provided both shelter from the sun and rare shot of fresh fruit into my […]

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Can One Solution Solve All Problems?

I have noticed during my time on the road so far that one solution appears to solve all of my basic problems; hunger, thirst, shelter and connection with others, can all be resolved by simply cycling on until I find what I’m looking for.  Cycling on is very specific to my circumstances at present and […]

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What Was I Thinking?

It’s been a week of sad goodbye’s, hello again’s and final fairwell’s. After eighteen months of planning, preparing, holding on and waiting, the day arrived and I still didn’t feel fully prepared.  Being under prepared and ready to go will always throw up a few interesting situations. Saturday started with a hearty Baillie breakfast at […]

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Waiting at the Station

After five and a half years service, Friday 26th of July, was my final day at Primaflow.  My career in the couple of years preceding could, at best, be described as turbulent, they took a risk in offering me employment and I will always be very grateful that they did.  Primaflow provided me with stability […]

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The State of Holding On – Symptoms and Treatment

The state of Holding On is closely associated with the fundamental changes of life; change of house, change of partner, change of job, change of lifestyle, changing from being independent to interdependent.  Holding On is the default state assumed before all major changes, the state of mental torment between the status quo that was, and […]

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