After five and a half years service, Friday 26th of July, was my final day at Primaflow.  My career in the couple of years preceding could, at best, be described as turbulent, they took a risk in offering me employment and I will always be very grateful that they did.  Primaflow provided me with stability at a time when I needed it most, I’ve learnt so much and it’s been a pleasure working with such a great bunch of people.

It’s somewhat ironic that from this stability, instability is the dominant and perhaps predictable theme of my chosen path.

Thank you for the very generous gift and to those who made it out for a Pizza and few drinks in the evening.  It was a day of mixed emotions and after an exhausting week my time at Primaflow ended as it began, waiting at the station, New Street station.

It took me a few days to gather my thoughts and after almost a week at L’Hotel de Residence Baillie; with Mum’s home cooking, Dad’s lunchtime cakes, the big comfy bed, the laundry service and walk in power shower, I can confirm that being unemployed and homeless is tough, but I’m getting used to it.

In between the eating, sleeping and…. err…. eating I’ve been waiting, impatiently.  Waiting for winning Ebayers to respond, to pay, to collect; waiting for the Royal Mail to deliver the last minute purchases; waiting for emails from the suppliers of faulty products.  I wouldn’t normally pay so much attention to these incidentals, only the looming deadline brings them into focus and the concern that they might not happen in time.

Synchronicity is definitely at work here, only when you start to focus on something not happening do normally reliable systems start to fail.

Waiting for these mundane details to end and for my journey to finally begin has left time to reflect.

Eighteen months ago a single fleeting thought, born out of a desire to do something different to find change and engage with life in a more meaningful way, set into motion a chain of events.

This one thought, of the hundreds that pass through each day, started to suck up attention like a seed absorbing water.  More thoughts began to connect and multiply, before long an idea gingerly sprouted from my lips, “I could cycle round the world.”

The excitement starts to build; other people have done it, why not me?

In a matter of seconds, goals you have been working towards (or not) are suddenly being challenged for their place in your future, some are so old you shake off a thick layer of dust before examining their remnants; out of date desires from yesteryear.

It strikes me how easy it is to loose touch with what is important to you, it’s a gradual process, when was the last time you asked yourself, what is really important to me now?  Better still, what am I really passionate about now?  Do these answers line up with your goals? If you achieve your goals will you have more of what’s important to you, more of what you’re passionate about?  Or just more stuff.

The next post will be from on the road when the comfort and pampering of this week will long since be forgotten!!!!

I will be accompanied by Milky, Jimmy, Danny, Jono, Lee, and Moony on the first leg to Bedford on Saturday.

Then a slight detour east to Norwich to spend a couple of days with my sister Jane, brother in law Mike and Nephews Ewan and Finlay.

Next Friday, after the longest ever road to trip from Leicester to Dover, I will eventually arrive into France where the real adventure will start to unfold.

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Where will I go from there?

Feel free to leave your comments below…..


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