The Journey So Far

The blog posts from the beginning to present day are listed below in chronological order. I starting in Leicester, England, in August 2013 and anticipate returning sometime in 2019…..

Planning Before The Off (June 2013)

About – About me and the journey

Why? – Why cycle around the world and what does Cyclehacker mean?

Route – The planned route, circa 40,000 miles

Kit – Everything I have brought along

Bike – Choosing a touring bike to cycle aound the world; full spec, costs and considerations

Room to Read – I hope to build a new school, spread the gift of literacy and hack the cycle of poverty. You can join me.


The Last Month Before Leaving

Welcome post – I nearly didn’t make it thank goodness I saw the light!

How to finance a world bicycle tour and living like a stoic

Training – How to prepare your body for a world bicycle tour

Preparing to leave everything behind and going crazy

The state of ‘holding on’ – symptoms and treatment

Waiting at the station – the day before leaving

On The Road At Last (August 2013) – Europe

I aim to blog once a week, the highlighted text is the blog titles and I have added the countries that I was travelling through at the time of writing.

What was I thinking? – England, France and Belgium

Can one solution solve all problems? – Belgium, France and Luxembourg

Searching for fallen apples – France

Sunflowers to lake Laussane and a wonderful act of kindness in between – France and Switzerland (it was actually lake Leman)

One day in the alps: highest of highs to the lowest of lows – Switzerland, France and Italy

Racing the rain, riding the river Po and partying Moldavian stylie – Italy

Slovenia – beauty and the beast – Solvenia

The journey so far, a week in Zagreb and and incredible meeting of chance? – Croatia

Overcoming overwhelm by cycling along in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia – Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia

The power of focus – Serbia and Romania

Managing expectations from Bucharest to Istanbul – Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey

Slowing down to smell the roses – Turkey

Stranded, lost and found – Turkey

The present should be better than the past – Turkey

Working On A Turkish Farm

When I originally stopped in Turkey I planned to spend the time working on a farm while writing a book. There weren’t enough enough hours in the day to do both and I decided to move on and concentrate on writing the book:

Pastoral Vadi – learning to live more fully – Turkey

The journey so far (part 2) and a route through the Middle East – Turkey

Doing what you love to say ‘yes’ – Turkey

Why do we procrastinate? – Turkey

Stopped To Write A Book

Going all in – Turkey

The Fallacy of comfort – Turkey

What are your daily rituals? – Turkey

2013 annual review – Turkey

Life (or lack of) in Kargicak – Turkey

2014 – Turkey, Iran, India And South East Asia…

How to set goals (you will actually achieve) – Turkey

Turning goals into habits – Turkey

Join the ‘Dough Disco’ Guiness World Record team – Turkey

Book update self doubt sucks! – Turkey

What a week! the book is now available to download!! – Turkey

The Adventure Of Travelling Towards The Unknown – Turkey; Kargıcak to Osmanyie

Being Vulnerable, Having Faith And Making Friends – Osmaniye To Erzurum – Turkey

Knowing When To Stop, And When To Push On – Turkey; Erzurum to Van


Iran By Bicycle – Part 1 – Iran

Cycling Through Iran – Part 2 – Iran

Bicycle Touring In Iran – Part 3 – Iran


India: Trepidation, Fear, Excitement – India; Mumbai to Indore

Judgement, Non-judgement And A Dose Of The Runs – India; Indore to Palwal

At Last; Incredible India – India – Palwal to McLeod Ganj

Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training Review – India – McLeod Ganj

McLeod Ganj to Kathman-Ding-Dang-Du – India/ Nepal – McLeod Ganj to Kathmandu


Vipassana Meditation Kathmandu – What’s It All About? – Nepal – Kathmandu

One Year Down The Road – What Was I Thinking? Revisited – Nepal – Kathmandu

The Road Less Travelled And Room To Read Kathmandu – Inspired To Do Anything! – Nepal


When Is A Monsoon Not A Monsoon? – India

Extremists And Police Escorts – Just Another Day On The Road – India

Going Loco – India


Keep The Wheels Rolling – Mud, Sweat  And Despair – Myanmar

Cycling Cures Malaria – Myanmar


Gun Fights, Drug Lords And A Thai Lady Covered In Talc! – Thailand




To Live Is To Struggle – What Are Your Struggling For? – Cambodia


Mastering The Inner Game – 2014 Annual Review – Vietnam

Familiar Faces In Unfamiliar Places – Vietnam

Back To School – Vietnam

Now Where Was I? Ah Yes, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

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