When Is A Monsoon Not A Monsoon?

The monsoon rain finally relented and I was itching to get back on the road. Leaving Kathmandu towards Hetauda on the brutally spectacular Tribhuvan highway on which I had arrived, brought back vivid memories of the epic cycle into Kathmandu. Reliving the journey in reverse with the benefit of hindsight, I opted to break the distance into […]

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Vipassana Meditation Kathmandu – What’s It All About?

Arriving into Kathmandu late at night made searching for the guesthouse I had booked that bit more difficult. Thamel, the area where it was located, was a hive of activity during the day I was to learn, but pretty dark and eerie later in the evening. Hotels and guesthouses were abundant and the temptation to […]

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From left to right; Me, Yogesh, Lana, Kirstin, Mel Chor, Abhishek, Dustin, Manjusha and Kristine.

McLeod Ganj to Kathman-Ding-Dang-Du

Melancholy infiltrated and gradually replaced the satisfaction of completing Yoga Teacher Training. Fellow students began to go their separate ways immediately upon the course finishing, and with each passing day fewer and fewer remained. The stark reality of an imminent return to the solitude of solo bicycle travel suddenly seemed daunting. A month spent in […]

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The day we met the Dalai Lama, an incredible experience. As he approached our group he stopped, bent down, touched Mack's Knee and said 'There is something wrong here.' Mack had dislocated her knee a week earlier during class and was still suffering significant discomfort - The awareness of an enlightened being in action!

Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training Review

The last month was an intense learning experience spent completing the Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training Certification. It became clear early on that to get the most out of the programme I would need to fully immerse myself physically, mentally and socially. Free time was sparse which meant the blog took a back seat, but what […]

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At Last; Incredible India

Leaving Palwal with a humbled sense of invincibility, and a handful of pills, the road to Delhi and beyond looked more daunting in my fragile state. With a date to keep in McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, balancing daily progress with recovery and staying out of gastrointestinal trouble was a fine line at times. The thought of […]

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Looking back on Mumbai, I won't be bathing in any Indian rivers.

India: Trepidation, Fear, Excitement

The flight to Mumbai was very pleasant. Somehow I had managed to slip through several on-flight baggage checks to avoid 160 pounds worth of excess baggage charges. The excess of the charges themselves were enough for me to chance my arm, and it worked (kind of). As pleasant as the flight was, thoughts, fears and […]

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