FTC Full Disclosure

I started this blog to share my journey as I cycle around the world. During which time I will living from savings and money made from selling my books.

In December 2009 the FTC requires all bloggers to disclose whenever there may be any hidden interest or unspoken bias when recommending products or services. This applys if I use a link to a product on Amazon that pays me 10p instead of a link that pays 0p.

This would be pretty tedious for me and even more so for readers. So to cover my ass and preserve your reading enjoyment please assume that the following are true:

ftc_food_250 ftc_gadgets_250
ftc_gotbusy_250 ftc_money_250
ftc_schwag_250 ftc_stocks_250

You can rest assured I only recommend products I’ve actually used.

These images were made available by Tim Ferriss on his blog The Four Hour Work Week

(The illustrations were originally created by Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer)

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