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I managed to catch Oh and invited her for lunch. Oh was cycling 150 km to visit her sister, staying the night, then cycling 150 km home. Good work Oh!

Gun Fights, Drug Lords And A Thai Lady Covered In Talc!

Exiting Myanmar proved to be more difficult than entering. The border into Thailand at Myawaddy was deserted and inaccessible amidst gun fights between the Myanmar government and a Buddhist organisation. ‘Gun fighting Buddhists?’ I said to the Australia bike shop owner dropping the bomb that scattered the fragments of my fragile plan all over the […]

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There was a group of about 10 girls too but they scarpered as soon as I got the camera out?

Keep The Wheels Rolling – Mud, Sweat And Despair

It struck me that it’s not only when cycling that, metaphorically speaking, sometimes our wheels stop rolling. Things we normally do without a great deal of conscious effort suddenly consume our every waking moment. A problem at work escalates from an inconvenience into a livelihood threatening catastrophe: I had an accident in a car at […]

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