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Back To School

Arriving in a foreign city in search of work in a profession in which I had no previous experience was beginning to feel as stupid as it sounded. Everything seemed so absolutely certain while drifting along the dusty tracks of Cambodia, high on endorphins. Fast forward to the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh […]

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Cycling along the Mekong with hoards of school kids on their way home. The saffron robes and shaven heads worn by Theravada Buddhist monks symbolises simplicity and detachment of materialism.


Cries of ‘SABAIDEEEEEEEE!!!!’ (Hello in Laotian) pelted me from nooks and crannies of every roadside village from Vientiane Cambodia. If I happened to pass a school at break-time entire schools would fire off shouts of ‘SABAIDEEEEEEEE!!!!’ punctuated with ferocious waves punched out at me. If words and gestures could take physical forms they would have […]

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I managed to catch Oh and invited her for lunch. Oh was cycling 150 km to visit her sister, staying the night, then cycling 150 km home. Good work Oh!

Gun Fights, Drug Lords And A Thai Lady Covered In Talc!

Exiting Myanmar proved to be more difficult than entering. The border into Thailand at Myawaddy was deserted and inaccessible amidst gun fights between the Myanmar government and a Buddhist organisation. ‘Gun fighting Buddhists?’ I said to the Australia bike shop owner dropping the bomb that scattered the fragments of my fragile plan all over the […]

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There was a group of about 10 girls too but they scarpered as soon as I got the camera out?

Keep The Wheels Rolling – Mud, Sweat And Despair

It struck me that it’s not only when cycling that, metaphorically speaking, sometimes our wheels stop rolling. Things we normally do without a great deal of conscious effort suddenly consume our every waking moment. A problem at work escalates from an inconvenience into a livelihood threatening catastrophe: I had an accident in a car at […]

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The day we met the Dalai Lama, an incredible experience. As he approached our group he stopped, bent down, touched Mack's Knee and said 'There is something wrong here.' Mack had dislocated her knee a week earlier during class and was still suffering significant discomfort - The awareness of an enlightened being in action!

Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training Review

The last month was an intense learning experience spent completing the Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training Certification. It became clear early on that to get the most out of the programme I would need to fully immerse myself physically, mentally and socially. Free time was sparse which meant the blog took a back seat, but what […]

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iran by bicycle

Iran By Bicycle – Part 1

Entering Iran by bicycle was deemed a futile venture. My original Visa application had been rejected, not by the Iranian Embassy, but by the agency that prepares visa applications for submission to the embassy, on the grounds that I was intending to enter Iran by bicycle. At the time, the Iranian Embassy had placed restrictions […]

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From left to right:  Serkan, Halil, Hasan, muhammet, Hüseyin, Ali Osman, Mehmet

Being Vulnerable, Having Faith, And Making Friends – Osmaniye To Erzurum

Reaching Osmaniye was symbolic; situated at the eastern end of the Mediterranean coast, it served as a base camp to the mountainous route north-east to Erzurum. Everyone I had spoken to about cycling to Erzurum winced at the thought of making the journey by bicycle. “Rampa, rampa, sok, sok, kar, kar” roughly translated as ‘hefty mountains, bloody freezing, […]

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