To Live Is To Struggle – What Are You Struggling For?

Looking back over the last sixteen months on the road, one aspect of using a bicycle to travel 12,600 miles through twenty-one countries stands out above all others: struggle. In a world where we are constantly marketed products and services to make our lives easier, pursuing a life of consistent physical and mental struggle seems […]

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Cries of ‘SABAIDEEEEEEEE!!!!’ (Hello in Laotian) pelted me from nooks and crannies of every roadside village from Vientiane Cambodia. If I happened to pass a school at break-time entire schools would fire off shouts of ‘SABAIDEEEEEEEE!!!!’ punctuated with ferocious waves punched out at me. If words and gestures could take physical forms they would have […]

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Gun Fights, Drug Lords And A Thai Lady Covered In Talc!

Exiting Myanmar proved to be more difficult than entering. The border into Thailand at Myawaddy was deserted and inaccessible amidst gun fights between the Myanmar government and a Buddhist organisation. ‘Gun fighting Buddhists?’ I said to the Australia bike shop owner dropping the bomb that scattered the fragments of my fragile plan all over the […]

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Cycling Cures Malaria

The sweat was falling from every pore like Niagara falls. My head was pounding as if trapped in a vice with Dave Grohl playing the drums on the tightening screw. But I was freezing cold, and hurting. A lot. The seconds ticked past forlornly. Every. Single. One. Maybe I should have been taking those pesky […]

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Keep The Wheels Rolling – Mud, Sweat And Despair

It struck me that it’s not only when cycling that, metaphorically speaking, sometimes our wheels stop rolling. Things we normally do without a great deal of conscious effort suddenly consume our every waking moment. A problem at work escalates from an inconvenience into a livelihood threatening catastrophe: I had an accident in a car at […]

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Going Loco

Cycling through north east India was a very different experience to that of central India. The region was connected to the mainland by a slither of land between Nepal and Bangladesh just fourteen miles wide. Separated into nine different states, each one with it’s own government and unique personality, many of which shared a common […]

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Extremists And Police Escorts: Just Another Day On The Road

Guwahati was intense with the hustle and bustle of a tightly populated city, and after three nights getting back to full strength, ultimately rejuvenating. A couple of short rides first to Jagiroad where the change from flat to hilly terrain emerged, and then on to Nagaon saw changes in the appearance of the people, too: […]

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When Is A Monsoon Not A Monsoon?

The monsoon rain finally relented and I was itching to get back on the road. Leaving Kathmandu towards Hetauda on the brutally spectacular Tribhuvan highway on which I had arrived, brought back vivid memories of the epic cycle into Kathmandu. Reliving the journey in reverse with the benefit of hindsight, I opted to break the distance into […]

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The Road Less Travelled And Room to Read Kathmandu – Inspired To Do Anything!

The Road Less Travelled Armed with visas for India and Myanmar I finally left Kathmandu to continue the journey east towards Darjeeling. Never keen to travel back down roads already cycled I headed in the direction of Nagarkot, which on a clear day offers views of the Himalaya including Mount Everest. However, during monsoon season […]

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One Year Down The Road – What Was I Thinking? Revisited

One year down the road, with just over 9,000 miles on the odometer and experiences from seventeen countries forever etched in my memory, it seemed like the perfect time to take another look back at the actual route cycled, this time from Yaniklar, Turkey to Kathmandu, Nepal. Click the following links to view the the two previous posts […]

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