Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training Review

The last month was an intense learning experience spent completing the Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training Certification. It became clear early on that to get the most out of the programme I would need to fully immerse myself physically, mentally and socially. Free time was sparse which meant the blog took a back seat, but what […]

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At Last; Incredible India

Leaving Palwal with a humbled sense of invincibility, and a handful of pills, the road to Delhi and beyond looked more daunting in my fragile state. With a date to keep in McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, balancing daily progress with recovery and staying out of gastrointestinal trouble was a fine line at times. The thought of […]

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Judgement, Non-judgement And A Dose Of The Runs

Indore was the largest city I reached after leaving Mumbai, and the quantity and stature of the shopping malls, brimming with India’s ever expanding middle class, was a clear indication that many were prospering. In the evening the restaurants and bars were full with a mixture of families and eighteen to thirty-somethings, all contributing to […]

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India: Trepidation, Fear, Excitement

The flight to Mumbai was very pleasant. Somehow I had managed to slip through several on-flight baggage checks to avoid 160 pounds worth of excess baggage charges. The excess of the charges themselves were enough for me to chance my arm, and it worked (kind of). As pleasant as the flight was, thoughts, fears and […]

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Bicycle Touring In Iran – Part 3

Arriving into Shiraz, one thousand miles from Tabriz in twelve days, felt like a mini victory. Although keen to cycle on towards the port city of Bandar E Abbas, it was the turn of the Iranian New Year celebrations (Norooz) to halt my progress. The whole country grinds to a stand still for four days, […]

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Cycling Through Iran – Part 2

By the time I found a hotel in Tehran it was early afternoon and I had almost lost the will to live. Once the intensity of dodging high speed projectiles coming from every direction had been elevated and viewed through the perspective of a hotel window, the torment of the morning gradually dissolved into a […]

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iran by bicycle

Iran By Bicycle – Part 1

Entering Iran by bicycle was deemed a futile venture. My original Visa application had been rejected, not by the Iranian Embassy, but by the agency that prepares visa applications for submission to the embassy, on the grounds that I was intending to enter Iran by bicycle. At the time, the Iranian Embassy had placed restrictions […]

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Knowing When To Stop, And When To Push On

Erzurum sat on a steep incline and was surrounded by snow covered mountains. Life in Erzurum, like most of the villages, towns and cities in this part of Turkey, resembled the wintery conditions; cold and harsh. The people, in contrast, were warm and friendly. Twelve days of the toughest cycling so far paled into insignificance […]

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Being Vulnerable, Having Faith, And Making Friends – Osmaniye To Erzurum

Reaching Osmaniye was symbolic; situated at the eastern end of the Mediterranean coast, it served as a base camp to the mountainous route north-east to Erzurum. Everyone I had spoken to about cycling to Erzurum winced at the thought of making the journey by bicycle. “Rampa, rampa, sok, sok, kar, kar” roughly translated as ‘hefty mountains, bloody freezing, […]

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The Adventure Of Travelling Towards The Unknown

 Leaving Kargicak after such a long stationary pause felt like leaving for the first time all over again. The preceding week was spent tying up loose ends, making preparations for the route and cold weather ahead, and speaking with friends and family over skype. I ate copious amounts of food from the buffet to indulge […]

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