Stranded, Lost And Found

Whatever you think about shows up all around you, so choose wisely what you think about. After leaving Şadiye and family in Korucu, the solitude of the ride through the countryside was broken by the hustle and bustle of Bergama.  Sharpe on the ears and stimulating to the eyes, it emerged from the horizon without […]

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Slowing Down To Smell The Roses

In a world travelling at warp speed slowing down to smell the roses once in a while could be just what you need. We’re obsessed with making everything faster, less time consuming and more efficient so that we can cram more in, but does this defeat the purpose? What happens when you slow it all […]

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The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus

You’re going about your day, perhaps at work, sat in a public place, or on a train and just get the feeling that someone is watching you.  You’re not sure why and when you look up, sure enough, you lock eyes briefly with the observer, as they look away.  This is sensory acuity in action, […]

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Overcoming Overwhelm

Overcoming Overwhelm by Cycling Along in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia

Cycling out of Zagreb after a full seven days out of the saddle brought about strange feelings of anguish, to replace the underlying feelings of guilt, that accompanied my extended break.  Its difficult to fully relax when spending money and not making daily progress toward the next destination. You replay the decisions in your mind, […]

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