Slowing Down To Smell The Roses

In a world travelling at warp speed slowing down to smell the roses once in a while could be just what you need. We’re obsessed with making everything faster, less time consuming and more efficient so that we can cram more in, but does this defeat the purpose? What happens when you slow it all […]

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This reminded me of Milky, and was indicative of my own faux pas

The Journey So Far, A Week In Zagreb And An Incredible Meeting of Chance?

I thought it would be useful to look back over the journey so far by plotting some of the landmarks reached using Google Maps: Narborough, Leicester, England to Vesoul, France View Larger Map Vesoul, France to Aosta, Italy View Larger Map Aoast, Italy to Gorizia, Italy View Larger Map Gorizia, Italy to Zagreb, Croatia View […]

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