iran by bicycle

Iran By Bicycle – Part 1

Entering Iran by bicycle was deemed a futile venture. My original Visa application had been rejected, not by the Iranian Embassy, but by the agency that prepares visa applications for submission to the embassy, on the grounds that I was intending to enter Iran by bicycle. At the time, the Iranian Embassy had placed restrictions […]

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From left to right:  Serkan, Halil, Hasan, muhammet, Hüseyin, Ali Osman, Mehmet

Being Vulnerable, Having Faith, And Making Friends – Osmaniye To Erzurum

Reaching Osmaniye was symbolic; situated at the eastern end of the Mediterranean coast, it served as a base camp to the mountainous route north-east to Erzurum. Everyone I had spoken to about cycling to Erzurum winced at the thought of making the journey by bicycle. “Rampa, rampa, sok, sok, kar, kar” roughly translated as ‘hefty mountains, bloody freezing, […]

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Turning Goals Into Habits

Turning Goals Into Habits

Last week we looked at how to set goals you will actually achieve by taking a detailed look at what you want to do, be, and have, in each area of life. The objective was to create very specific goals, stated positively in the present tense, with a date in the future the goal would […]

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